Been a long time since the last post. Not as if the whole world was waiting for this one to come out.

Anyway, I lot has changed since the last post. I joined a project, worked for a year, quit the company, came to US, started and finished a year of M.S. degree. Things haven’t gone as expected. Heck, things have gone the worst way possible. And there is nobody or nothing to be blamed for this except me.

My laziness. But things have taken a darker turn. I’ve lost confidence in myself. The laziness + diffidence combo isn’t exactly the best of things to happen. It has led my mind to the darkest of places. Places which I wish never to return.

Thus, I endeavour to begin my crawl to reach a happy place starts. I hope that I make the entire length. It’s not going to be easy but I hope never to give up till I reach that place.

I’d be (hopefully) jotting down further details of the journey.