Just Reverberating, Isn’t it?

Life is all about the little surprises that you encounter in your daily life. Or so I believe. I’m recounting one of such surprises that occurred this past week.

My father had to renew his Driving License. You know how hassling the whole process is in India. So he wakes up early and goes to the RTO. He finishes all the formalities and is told by the authorities that the new license would be sent within a week. One week? Ha. One week of theirs is 2-3 weeks of ours. At least. Everybody knows that.

The surprise comes here.

The renewed DL came within 32 hours. That’s less than one and a half days. Father, initially disbelieving, was pleasantly surprised when I informed him to this over the phone.

I donned my Sherlock Holmes hat and did a thorough investigation of the accompanying letter. After much intense scrutiny, I found the reason behind this miracle.

It all had to do with the name of the man who is in-charge of the department. His name is Rajani Kant. Rajani Kant Verma. Rajani Kant Verma, I.A.S.

Not only Rajnikanth rocks, but his namesakes too rock the world. In Superstar’s words. “Summa athruthulae” (Just reverberating, isn’t it?). Wish we have a Rajni in each department of the Government. We would have already been a developed nation by now.