The Year 2010 That Was: The Bad

The things made me go ‘Oh No!’

The Yellow Fever
The Chennai Super Kings (CSK) won the IPL3 AND the CLT20 in the same year. Ugh! Enough said.

The Waka Waka Cup
This World Cup grabbed more eye-balls (or should I say, ear-drums) than the previous editions for all the non-footballing reasons. Shakira and K’Naan and their songs were everywhere (on my lips too). Maradona pledged to run naked if Argentina won. *shudder*. The to-use-or-not-to-use-technology debate.

All in all a disappointing Cup for me.

The MyWriting
My writing, which I was once proud of, has taken a beating. The GRE and TOEFL scores say so. So, this is one thing to be improved upon. Truth to be told, this blog is a step in this direction.

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