Book Review: Honour Among Thieves

So, I read another of Jeffrey Archer’s work. And I wanted to start reviewing the books that I read. More out of the need to remember them! So, here it goes…

The book had a typical Jerry Archer flavour. Politics, diplomacy, spying and crime. There was also some action. The characters were nicely etched. The plot was tight for most parts save for some loose ends. The pace was initially slow but picked up soon.

Negatives: too many twists and turns. Some of them very unnecessary and some very predictable. Especially the one at the climax. It also rendered many of the plot lines moot.

But, overall, was a decent read. Kept me hooked. I’d rate 3 out of 5.


My First Shell Script

I am working on the Android source as a part of my course. And each time that I have to work on it, there are few commands (changing into the Working Directory, loading up the environment variables etc) that have to be run. I wanted to automate it with one command. Hence, created a shell script. I haven’t been totally unexposed to shell scripts but I have never made one.

There wasn’t much trouble doing this except for one. So there is a cd command. Apparently, shell scripts are run in a sub shell. And hence, the directory is changed in the sub-shell and not in your current shell. I looked up online, and found a neat way to work around it. So you need to just source the shell script. For eg.

 source <script_name>

Nice bit of learning experience!




Been a long time since the last post. Not as if the whole world was waiting for this one to come out.

Anyway, I lot has changed since the last post. I joined a project, worked for a year, quit the company, came to US, started and finished a year of M.S. degree. Things haven’t gone as expected. Heck, things have gone the worst way possible. And there is nobody or nothing to be blamed for this except me.

My laziness. But things have taken a darker turn. I’ve lost confidence in myself. The laziness + diffidence combo isn’t exactly the best of things to happen. It has led my mind to the darkest of places. Places which I wish never to return.

Thus, I endeavour to begin my crawl to reach a happy place starts. I hope that I make the entire length. It’s not going to be easy but I hope never to give up till I reach that place.

I’d be (hopefully) jotting down further details of the journey.

It says Optional


It’s been a while since I posted here. Well it’s partly because that I’ve had nothing worthwhile to write about.

Joined an IT company. Did well in the training. And since then.. wait for it… yes, you probably guessed it… BENCHED. For full 3 months now.

Now, I could have been active and find something useful to be done (like writing this post much earlier), but that would not have been me.

So that’s it for this post. 3 months of wasting time.


Just Reverberating, Isn’t it?

Life is all about the little surprises that you encounter in your daily life. Or so I believe. I’m recounting one of such surprises that occurred this past week.

My father had to renew his Driving License. You know how hassling the whole process is in India. So he wakes up early and goes to the RTO. He finishes all the formalities and is told by the authorities that the new license would be sent within a week. One week? Ha. One week of theirs is 2-3 weeks of ours. At least. Everybody knows that.

The surprise comes here.

The renewed DL came within 32 hours. That’s less than one and a half days. Father, initially disbelieving, was pleasantly surprised when I informed him to this over the phone.

I donned my Sherlock Holmes hat and did a thorough investigation of the accompanying letter. After much intense scrutiny, I found the reason behind this miracle.

It all had to do with the name of the man who is in-charge of the department. His name is Rajani Kant. Rajani Kant Verma. Rajani Kant Verma, I.A.S.

Not only Rajnikanth rocks, but his namesakes too rock the world. In Superstar’s words. “Summa athruthulae” (Just reverberating, isn’t it?). Wish we have a Rajni in each department of the Government. We would have already been a developed nation by now.

Hello world!


So here I am. On WordPress. Again trying my dilettante hand on blogging. I hopeĀ  to be regular this time around. (Atleast more regular than I’ve been. I really like to write, I do.)

This WordPress looks way to better than Blogspot. Maybe this should help in getting me glued.

I don’t know what I am going to write about. But I’ll write nevertheless to give my creative juicesĀ (if existent) an outlet. So till I find anything worthwhile to write about, it’s good riddance.

Note: The posts before this have been imported from previous blog.